About Us

Our story began in 2016. Not in some garage or basement in Silicon valley, but in a single room in the south side of Nairobi.

Oluson Solutions comes in to advise and deliver services and products that suit your individual needs and leverage by capitalizing on resources to maximize your competitive advantage.

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What we pride on

1. We are customer-centric. We focus on your goals an objectives and work backward.

2. Our team is diverse, talented, and rich in expert knowledge and experience.

3. Deliver results. At the end of the day, results are what every business man wants

4. Our environment and interactions are relaxed, but we keep it professional.

5. We believe in earn trust and maintaining relationships. Treating others respectfully and doing everything to be compliant with our mission and vision helps grow trust.

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| Our Services |

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SIP/E1 PBX Installation

A VOIP solution for businesses running customer care services. Or busines focused on reaching customers on a centralized system with real time moniting and accountability

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IT Consultancy

We offer expert and professional opinion on your business's maturity level to uptake different technologies.


Website Design & Development

Get more visibility with an online presence with your stylish 'n responsive website running from us. We take care of domain and hosting.


Logo & Graphic Illustrations

Turning your logo concept to your brand. This extends to motion graphics

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Cloud Services

We implement Cloud services from major players: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Google cloud and more. This again is in line with your business's strategy and objective complemeting your enterprise architecture


Passive Penetration testing

Scan vulnerabilities arround your applications, systems and networks and determine the vulnerabilities and levels or risks. Recommend remediation steps, training your users and staff on common threats to bring a culture of Cyber awareness and resillience


ERP Solutions consulting

Transition from old business management systems to new Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Work with us to customize workflows and requirements valuable to your business.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Take your business to the next level. Find meaning in your data. Whether you require automated report generating or in-depth optimization of your current analytics, our team of experts can deploy the suitable analytics tools for your business.


SMS Services

APIs for reliable Bulk and Mutil destination SMS delivery.

Get flexible and fair pricing when reaching your growing audince.

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Nairobi South,

Nairobi, KE